How To Get to Winter Park From Denver

How To Get to Winter Park From Denver

Are you planning a relaxing getaway or a professional business trip to Winter Park? You may not know which transportation option is best for you and your group. Fortunately, professional chauffeurs who provide mountain transportation services in Colorado explain how to get to Winter Park from Denver without hassle.

Consider the following information, then book a ride with a shuttle company you can trust.

Learning How To Get to Winter Park From Denver, CO: The Good and the Bad

Winter Park hosts the ideal ski resort for your next vacation or corporate outing. Nestled deep within the Rocky Mountains, this scenic town is a must-see destination for travelers of all ages. Still, the hilly landscape and narrow roads can be challenging to navigate without the right vehicle.

Explore four common transportation options available during your visit. With this information, you can decide which solution suits your time and budget.

1. Wait for Public Transportation

The ski area of Winter Park is about 67 miles from Denver International Airport. Consequently, you should expect to be on the road for at least an hour and a half.

The Colorado Department of Transportation does offer bus and ski train transportation (Winter Park Express). However, these options are not ideal if you want to avoid cramped spaces for long periods of time.

Additionally, bringing your luggage aboard public transportation can be risky. Pickpockets and thieves sometimes target tourists.

You can expect a long wait time for a train between Denver and Winter Park. Some waits could last between 30 minutes to an hour during the June-August busy season.

2. Hire a Rideshare

You should only consider practical options when learning how to get to Winter Park from Denver. Hiring rideshares, like Uber or Lyft, are only practical for short distances. Moreover, rideshare fees can soar above conventional travel options during surge hours.

Always use caution if you decide to hire a rideshare. Popular companies offer no guarantee that your driver will have the training or experience to complete your route without delays or complications.

3. Use a Personal Car

You could pay for a rental car or drive your own vehicle to avoid strangers during your trip. Still, you will sacrifice comfort and end up spending more on fuel by the end of the day. Taking a personal vehicle also requires you to waste time finding parking, which can be difficult in the snow or rain.

Here are some additional risks to consider when taking a personal car:

  • Maintenance: Large inclines and rocky roads can wear down your vehicle’s shocks and suspension. These repairs could cost you hundreds of dollars by the end of your stay.
  • Cleaning: Snow and mud are common along the route from Denver to Winter Park. You will probably need a good car wash (or a new paint job) once you return.
  • Accidental Damage: The last thing you want to deal with between Denver and Winter Park is an on-road accident. It can take over an hour for a service truck to reach you if you are far from Idaho Springs or Berthoud Pass.

4. Rent Luxury Shuttle Service

Seasoned travelers know that hiring a private shuttle service is the best option for a drive from Denver to Winter Park. You can rent a car from a reputable transportation company with dozens of five-star reviews for reliable results. Shuttle services also offer seating for up to 11 passengers. This way, you can keep your entire group together for the long trip.

You won’t need to worry about monitoring traffic or staying awake during evening rides. A certified chauffeur will safely navigate around highway obstacles and ensure that you get the sustainable travel tips you need before your trip.

Private transportation companies offer cost-efficient solutions compared to the options above. They also provide onboard accommodations, including:

  • Cushioned seating
  • Dynamic audio entertainment
  • Stunning panoramic window views
  • DVD screening
  • Spacious luggage compartments
  • And more

Choose the Safe and Reliable Option With Plan B Mountain Transportation

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