One of the highest-rated ski resorts in terms of quality
and ability to withstand the changing climate.


Aspen is the most populous town in Pitkin County, Colorado. It was once a mining camp which was later renamed after the abundance of aspen trees in the vicinity. The late 20th century was when the town became famous for many celebrities coming to Aspen to relax and enjoy. Until now, the municipality has remained a popular destination all year, from tourists visiting to ski to second-home buyers.

Aspen Colorado Ski Resort

Aspen Mountain Ski Resort

Aspen Mountain is more commonly known as Ajax, especially among locals. The ski area is a busy place throughout the year. Aside from the adventurous and fun outdoors, you can go shopping around the area. There are many small and comfortable lodgings available and residential developments. Spring skiing is also possible and very popular.

Aspen Transportation By Plan B

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