Covid-19 Information

In this time of unprecedented challenges and uncertainties, I would like to thank our entire team and our loyal clients who have been with us for years. The health and safety of Plan B Mountain Transportation passengers, employees and corporate partners is our top priority. Due to the COVID-19’s impact on Colorado and the Summit County area, we are taking steps to proactively safeguard our operations. Plan B Inc. will be adhering to all CDC, state of Colorado, and Summit county guidelines.

Plan B Mountain Transportation cleaning standards have always been a notch above, and we are raising these standards for your safety. Our staff is giving full attention to every vehicle prior to pick up, using industrial-grade cleaners and following established protocols to make sure every surface is properly disinfected. However, as our vehicles do have different groups of passengers getting on and off throughout the day, passengers are advised to treat the vehicles as public spaces and take all necessary precautions.

The following are a few changes to our regular service:

  • Sanitizing of touch points on luggage prior to loading into vehicle
  • Offering hand sanitizer upon entrance of vehicle
  • Restricting seating in the front passenger area “shotgun” seat
  • Chauffeur and guests are required to wear protective face covering inside vehicles

We are committed to stand by our core values of Safety, Luxury, and Reliability while managing all your travel needs. With your safety in mind, we will provide the same personalized touch you have come to expect, while limiting the critical “touch” points.

We are listing our updated processes and protocols in detail below. Thank you in advance for your understanding as we all work through this together.

Derek Baum

Policies & Procedures

Chauffeur Protocols

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) nitrile gloves and medical face coverings will be supplied to every staff member.
  • Hand washing sanitization is required before and after each transfer.
  • Trash and recycling will be removed, and new lining installed after each transfer.
  • Dispatch will inform guests of additional wait time required to allow the chauffeur to disinfect a vehicle before pickup if needed.
  • Dispatch will attempt to schedule the same chauffeur in the same vehicle as much as possible.

Disinfecting Protocols

  • Prior to starting their workday, chauffeurs will disinfect commonly contacted areas from the previous chauffeur including the driver’s door handle, steering wheel, vehicle start button/car key, touchscreen, door handle and arm rest.
  • Prior to every trip, chauffeurs will disinfect guest high traffic areas of the vehicle including the door handles, touchscreens, window buttons, climate control buttons, A/V buttons, seats, arm rests, seat belts, and cooler.

Vehicle Amenities

  • If a guest needs a mask, surgical masks will be available.
  • Hand sanitizer will be offered to guests upon entry of the vehicle.
  • Bottled waters will be available upon request via the chauffeur.

Chauffeur Interaction

  • Chauffeurs will put on a new pair of gloves prior to handling guest’s luggage. All luggage common touch points will be wiped down prior to loading vehicle.
  • Social distancing measures will be used when applicable.
  • In the event a COVID-19 positive case is identified among our staff or passengers, contact tracing and quarantine measures will be implemented.

Vehicle Air Circulation

  • Vehicle cabin air filters are replaced monthly providing the cleanest air possible.
  • Air re-circulation will always be in the off position so that fresh air is drawn from outside the vehicle for the climate control system.

Additional Information